Auto & Uhrenwelt Schramberg

Schramberg, in the Black Forest, is notable as a centre of clockmaking. The firm of Junghans und Tobler was established there in 1861 by Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law Jakob Zeller-Tobler, and by the beginning of the twentieth century was reckoned the largest watch-making company in the world, with three thousand employees. There were several other manufacturers in the town, together with companies supplying springs and other parts. The Junghans company still manufactures in the town but on a smaller scale.

The car and watch museum, opened in 2010, is located in the Hamburg Amerikanische (HAO) factory, which belonged to a company founded in 1875 by Paul Landsberger and Phillip Lang. The company was originally located in Hamburg and used American mass-production techniques, hence the name. The building was designed by Phillip Jakob Manz (1861-1936). The watch museum is on the fourth floor and includes some of the outstanding innovations made by the Junghans company, including a radio-controlled table clock of the 1980s, a radio-controlled watch of 1990 and a solar-powered watch of 1995, as well as alarm clocks in great variety, and watches in the Bauhaus style designed for the company by Max Bill (1808-94). The other four floors of the factory display cars, particularly models built between 1945 and 1980. The arrangement is broadly chronological with the earliest models on the third floor, the cars made in Baden-Württemburg during the Wirtschaftswunderjahren (economic miracle) on the first, and reflections on the future of motoring on the ground floor. There are also small displays about diesel engines and railways.

The Junghans company has a factory outlet in Geissholdenstrasse.

Auto & Uhrenwelt Schramberg
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