Factory of the Wheel

Zignone Brothers wool mill – today better known as the “Factory of the Wheel” – was built in 1878 as a full cycle factory, manufacturing cloths from wool with all the processes internalized; big wheels activated by a turbine and connected with metal cable characterise this still working system – the “teledynamic” system - that is the last preserved in Italy. This wool mill had been working till the sixties and produced mainly carded clothes: it sold to italian and international market.

In 1991 DocBi – Centro Studi Biellesi became the owner of this historical wool mill and turn it into a cultural pole.Today the “Factory of the Wheel” houses a textile and local archive, a library and his factory halls are exhibition spaces.

The building is an important site for industrial archaeology, and it is along the “Road of the wool”, an ancient route that links Biella to Borgosesia, the seat of an old wool market.

Factory of the Wheel
Fabbrica della ruota
Regione Vallefredda, 1
13867 Pray
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