Abentheuer Iron Works

The Abentheuer Ironworks were first mentioned in 1520, when Paulus Eisenschmidt built a smelting works there. The Huet family continued to operate it from 1657 until 1699. In 1699, the ironworks were passed on to Remacle Joseph Hauzeur, who built an iron enterprise. This was bought by the Stumm family in 1763, who continued to run the ironworks in Hunsrück until 1835 and then moved to the Halberghütte ironworks in Saarbrücken. The Abentheuer ironworks were passed on to Gustav Adolf Böcking in 1835 and run by him until production ceased in 1875.

Very little remains of the former smelting works: the manor house, a small-parts warehouse, the stables, the master smelter’s house and a water wheel. The entire water system is still clearly visible and filled with water. Of the former blast furnace, only the complete base and run-off remain.

The present owners offer guided tours of the entire grounds by appointment. Regular casting demonstrations are also offered.

Abentheuer Iron Works
Mühenbergstraße 1-3
55767 Abentheuer
+49 (0) 151 - 27077663

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