Museum ENTER

Museum ENTER takes its name from the ‘enter’ button on a computer keyboard as well as the word to come inside. It is a museum of computers and consumer electronics. It began with private collections in the 1990s and was established formally in 2010. A new building is due to be completed in 2023. Currently, there are guided tours of the collection, which begins with telegraph equipment and an Edison phonograph of 1880. The original control and transmission equipment of 1922 for Switzerland’s first radio station is preserved and many dozens of radios, in all shapes and sizes, fill the shelves. The museum has examples of the first electronic desk calculator of 1961 and a large IBM 370 data center of 1970. Visitors can see the first personal computer, the Apple 1 of 1976, and the first computer mouse of 1974. The ENTER Academy offers learning programmes for children and young people, starting at the age of 10.

Museum ENTER
Zuchwilerstrasse 33
4500 Solothurn
+32 (0) 621 - 8052