Die diesjährige ERIH Jahreskonferenz findet vom 10. bis 12. Oktober 2018 im ERIH Ankerpunkt 'Museum der Industriekultur' in Bologna, Italien, statt. Das Konferenzthema heißt "Mind the gap - The challenges for promoting industrial heritage in the 2020s"

Call for papers bis 29. Juni 2018 geöffnet

Wir freuen uns über Vorträge zu Best-Practice-Beispielen mit innovativen und hoffentlich erfolgreichen Ansätzen, um neue Zielgruppen anzusprechen als Reaktion auf gesellschaftliche Trends wie Digitalisierung, Demographischer Wandel oder andere.

Vorträge können bis spätestens 29. Juni 2018 bei der ERIH Geschäftsstelle per e-mail eingereicht werden. Die Konferenz- und Vortragssprache ist Englisch. Der ERIH Vorstand wird die eingereichten Vorträge in seiner Julisitzung besprechen und die ausgewählten Redner/-innen werden bis Ende Juli informiert.

Call for Papers

"Mind the gap"
The chellanges for promoting industrial heritage in the 2020s

Over the last 25 years European Industrial Heritage has become established as a major sector of tourism. Hundreds of millions of people visit to European industrial sites each year due to the efforts of many individuals and organisations, including ERIH

However this is no time for complacency, the promotion of industrial heritage needs to move with the times and ensure we reach out to as many people as possible. We need to show awareness of changes in European lifestyle and society in general and look forward to attracting as wide a diversity of people with as wide diversity of interests to our sites as possible. What societal changes need to be addressed? What opportunities are we presently missing? What gaps should we address in future marketing and promotion?

The ERIH 2018 conference will focus on promotional activities which address such things as the generation gap, the gender gap, cultural diversity and the overwhelming effect of the digital world in our lives. The gap in presentation between large and small sites is also something conference is interested in exploring.

As we move away from the time when people had first-hand experience, or were generally familiar with industrial activity as part of their daily life, we need to consider how the story of the first industrial revolution can best be presented and brought to life to residents and visitors of present and future generations.

Papers are invited from individuals, sites and organisations showing innovative and successful approaches in attracting new audiences to industrial heritage and which demonstrate significant awareness of societal change.

Questions to be answered in your presentation:

· What is the societal change/trend you have identified and address?
· What are / were the concrete challenges at your site/in your project?
· Which target group do you address?
· How?
· Can you evaluate the success already?
· Lessons learned? Recommendations for others?
· Future adaptions planned?

How to submit a presentation?

Those interested in making a presentation should submit a proposal, in English on one side of A4, together with a brief resume of their experience and expertise. This should be delivered to Christian e Baum, ERIH Secretary General by 29th June by e-mail including a brief vita of the speaker for consideration of the ERIH Board at their July meeting.

Selected speakers will be expected to make a power point presentation lasting no more than 20 minutes at the conference and be available to contribute to open discussion at conference workshops. A short resume of their paper should be provided in advance of the conference for the ERIH website. Copies of the power point presentations should be available to the ERIH Secretary General at least two weeks before the conference.

ERIH will take over travel and accommodation costs for selected speakers based on the funding regulations of EACEA funding.

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